Multigenerational homes are designed to provide space for multiple generations to live under one roof. This style of home is on the rise in America because they’re practical, affordable, and allow for more quality time with family. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why 1 in 5 Americans are living in multigenerational homes — a 30 percent increase since 2007. So, what exactly is a multigenerational home?

The basic idea of multigenerational living is that at least two adult generations live together. This could look like a home with grandparents living with their children and grandchildren, a home with parents and their adult children, or even a four-generation home. In a multigenerational home, each generation will benefit from having their own separate space and privacy. Many multi-gen homes also have a separate living area and even a kitchen and separate entrance.

Homebuilders have even created layouts, like K. Hovnanian’s new Extra Suite and Extra Suite+, to comfortably allow multiple generations to live under one roof in a beautifully designed new construction home. Choosing a home with a floor plan specifically designed for multigenerational living creates the perfect balance between togetherness and privacy. 

Multigenerational Homes
An example of one of K. Hovnanian’s Extra Suite+ multigenerational home plans.

Why Buy a Multigenerational Home?

Multigenerational homes offer extra space to accommodate whatever living arrangement meets your family’s changing needs. Buyers purchase multi-gen homes so that:

  • Aging parents can move in with their children.
  • Adult children may move back home for a bit – after college or after a divorce, for example.
  • There’s room to accommodate a live-in nanny or au pair.
  • Family members with special needs are within reach, making it easy to help them.
  • Relatives and friends can stay for extended visits.

No matter what your reasons are for buying a multigenerational house, these homes are designed to help your family grow closer, while still providing enough privacy and space for everyone.

Benefits of Living in a Multigenerational Home

There are many benefits of multigenerational living but if your home doesn’t have the right layout or enough space, having so many family members under one roof can be stressful. When you buy a multigenerational home, you’ll gain quality family time, increased family safety, shared responsibilities and expenses, all while maintaining privacy. Here are four top reasons to consider a multi-gen home:

1. It’s economically efficient.

In a multi-gen home, families can easily share expenses and responsibilities. Specifically, when living in a multigenerational home, utility and insurance costs can be divided and two mortgages become one. These homes can also save your family time. Travel time to see relatives is eliminated, and sharing chores can make housework easier and more time efficient. If you have young children, you can eliminate daycare and babysitting costs by having your parents watch your children during the day. No matter how your family decides to divide the household’s expenses and responsibilities, there are so many solutions that can make a multigenerational home more efficient than a single-family home.

2. Living together bolsters family ties.

In a multigenerational home, relatives can spend quality time together every day without having to travel to see each other. Your children will make lifelong memories, learning their grandmother’s family recipes or playing catch in the backyard with their grandfather, and your parents will cherish the time they get to spend watching their grandchildren grow up. Research suggests that kids who have close relationships with their grandparents are often more resilient and have fewer behavioral issues than kids who don’t, and grandparents who spend more time with their grandchildren tend to live longer. For adult children who move back in with their parents, this arrangement offers a chance for parents and children to get to know each other as adults. 

3. Privacy is a priority.

With the layout of Extra Suite and Extra Suite+, your family will get to enjoy the benefits of multigenerational living without sacrificing personal space. Having family next door is very convenient, but without the right layout, having too many heads under one roof can be stressful. (As well as noisy, which is why our Extra Suite plans all feature extra-insulated walls.) The Extra Suite floor plans are designed so your family can enjoy quality family time together, while also maintaining privacy because everyone has their own space.

4. Multi-gen homes help keep your family safe.

Multi-gen homes can serve as an excellent alternative to assisted living for aging parents. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing your parents are nearby, and your parents will love being able to spend more quality time with family members. Also, should a health emergency arise – if an older family member falls or if a relative with special needs gets hurt, for example – there will be other family members around to help.

Multigenerational homes are built to provide a convenient and stress-free living experience. Inviting generations of your family to live under one roof can bring you closer together, strengthen your relationships and make life easier.

Choosing a Floor Plan for Your Multigenerational Home

Once your family has decided to make a move to a multi-gen home, you have to select the multigenerational house plan that will work best for you. A good way to start would be to gather everyone around the table, or on a Zoom call, and talk about what’s most important for your family. Listening to every family member and respecting everyone’s needs and preferences for multigenerational living will guarantee harmony in your new home. 

Our Extra Suite multigenerational home designs include a privately located spacious suite with an ensuite bath and roomy closet, typically located on the first floor. The Extra Suite multi-gen house plan is ideal for families who want to have comfortable quarters for family and friends coming for extended visits or perhaps for an adult family member with special needs.

The second option for a multigenerational house plan offered by K. Hovnanian is our Extra Suite Plus. This plan is popular in our communities across the country. It features a separate living room, in addition to a bedroom and a bath. Depending on the specific design, the living room has either a standard or optional kitchenette and laundry. The bedroom usually features a walk-in closet. This multigenerational house plan is not unlike a small apartment and perfect for an adult child living at home or grandparents who are still active and want to maintain a fair degree of privacy. Extra Suite Plus plans typically offer an option for a separate entrance, providing the most privacy for their occupants.

To learn more about our new line of multigenerational home designs – the Extra Suite and Extra Suite+ – click here.

Last Updated on August 25, 2021