Spanish-style architecture has a wide range of historical influences, sometimes making its distinct style components hard to pin down. When researching Spanish-style homes, you may also come across associated styles such as Moorish Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Mission Revival, among other styles. That said, there are some common features among Spanish-style homes that make them uniquely appealing.

So, What is a Spanish-Style Home?

Spanish-style homes are identifiable by their uniformity, minimal embellishments, and smooth stucco, adobe, or stone exteriors. You may also recognize them by their tile and stone roofs, often featuring barrel-shaped tiles in warm earth tones. Some other common characteristics include arched doors, entryways, and windows, as well as heavy wooden doors with carving and metal work.

A Spanish-Colonial Style Home at Vista Bella at Tesoro Viejo

The Spanish-style home may also include an interior courtyard, perhaps surrounded by arcades or including water features, niches, wrought ironwork, or colorful tile accents. Exposed wood beams and tile, stone, or cobbled floors are also common components of these homes.

To summarize, here are some main features of the Spanish-style home:

  • One or Two Story
  • Minimal and Uniform
  • Barrel Roof Tiles
  • Smooth Stucco Walls
  • Wood Support Beams
  • Arches and Curves
  • Wrought Ironwork

3 Benefits of Spanish-Style Homes

1. Versatile Style

Spanish-style homes can range from minimal to more ornate, satisfying a range of design tastes. Homebuyers can opt for a one-story design with few embellishments, or a two-story design with colorful tile accents and a water feature in the interior courtyard, or any combination of these options.

2. Outdoor Space

A Spanish-Style Backyard at Scottsdale Heights

Balconies and central, interior courtyards offer stunning spaces to enjoy the outdoors for recreation or relaxation. Courtyards can be adorned with tile accents, water features, beautiful gardens, and comfortable outdoor furniture—a perfect space to enjoy nature and soak up the sunshine.

3. Practical

The exterior materials of Spanish-style homes hold up well to the elements, reducing maintenance and costly updates or repairs. Additionally, homes with tile floors keep cool in warm weather and are easy to clean. These homes are also common as one-story plans, an ideal option for many families.

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Last Updated on September 3, 2020