For those interested in more space and the convenience of living country-quiet while being city-close, there are few places better to live than Ohio. With over 70 state parks and more than 130 nature preserves, there is more than enough room to set down roots while making memories to last a lifetime. But what do you need to know before buying land in Ohio? Here are the four most important things to consider.

1. Location

As with any real estate journey, you want to start with a location in mind. One of the many strengths of purchasing land in Ohio to build on is you aren’t restricted by a previously laid foundation. Wherever you find the perfect plot of land means your dream home isn’t far behind. So, when searching for the site of your future home, be sure to research everything about the surrounding area.

Will you be closer to career opportunities? Are the area’s schools good for growing minds? These questions are only a sample of what you have the opportunity to address when choosing where your home will be. When purchasing land in Ohio for your future home, you have the rare opportunity to avoid compromise on details the average homebuyer is saddled with.

2. Zoning Laws

The many benefits of choosing where your home will come with unique challenges that should be considered. Building a home in Ohio from the ground up, while thrilling, requires you to be more involved than with your standard homebuying experience. Zoning laws are perhaps the most crucial element to securing your perfect parcel of land

When you’ve settled on a perfect location for your future home, it’s of utmost importance you become familiar with the local zoning board. For many, this process is an empowering step in the home building journey as you not only understand each element going into your home, but you have an intimate understanding of the land it’s resting on.

3. Environmental Concerns

Echoing the importance of understanding your land, Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are an invaluable resource when determining how your future home will not only be safe for beginning construction but for years to come. Taking place in several phases, each phase of an ESA looks at different aspects of the land’s composition to be certain there are no issues.

Able to determine the potential for sinkholes, unstable land, and other geological shortcomings, the Environmental Site Assessment is the final and most important step to acquiring your land. Once each phase has been cleared for construction, you are free to break ground on your dream home and start living the life you’ve worked so diligently for.

4. Choose a Builder

Now that the land is cleared for construction, it’s important to determine how your home in Ohio will be built. Options run the gamut when the land belongs entirely to you, from an architect that will build your home down to every detail, you can test your confidence and give it a try yourself, or you can pursue a custom builder.

While the benefit of working with an architect means you have full control over every aspect of the home, much more than structural aesthetics go into its construction. Will it stand the test of time? Are you spending too much money on unnecessary details? Build on your lot builders like ourselves offer a wide variety of unique design options, while avoiding the kind of custom builds that often break the bank.

Homeownership is a wonderful journey. Begin that journey by finding that perfect plot of land in Ohio, and let K. Hovnanian’s Build on Your Lot help you make your dreams of those wonderful experiences into a reality.

Last Updated on April 28, 2022