Picture this: A scenic drive up the coast of Delaware, after a beach day with family and friends, on your way back to your newly purchased home. 

You can make this dream reality with a new construction home in Delaware!

New construction homes in Delaware offer a variety of benefits, including energy efficiency, lower maintenance, and warranties -and with its beautiful beaches, tax-free shopping, convenient location, strong economy, and excellent schools, Delaware is a great place to buy a new home.

While buying a new construction home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it can also be quite daunting – but with the right knowledge and a little preparation, you can decrease the stress of the home buying process and find the right home for your needs.

7 Steps to Buying a New Construction Home in Delaware 

The Eastern Seaboard has so much to offer, particularly Delaware, with its moderate climate year-round and historic charm. You’ll be by the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and only a short drive away from Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.  

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner, buying a new construction home in Delaware can be a great decision – it’s the perfect place to create memories with your loved ones for years to come, and with a little bit of planning, you can make your dream home a reality.

Step 1: Decide Where in Delaware You’d Like to Live 

New Homes in Delaware, Delaware State Capital Building

Small yet mighty, Delaware offers various new construction housing options with great career and educational opportunities, centralized locations, and acres of state parks and beaches to explore. History buffs will love learning about the area and enjoying its attractions.  

In addition to its many lifestyle benefits, new homes in Delaware offer homebuyers a great number of other advantages including:

  • Tax advantages: Delaware has no sales tax, so you’ll save money on the purchase of your new home. First-time homebuyers are also eligible for a tax credit of up to $2,000.
  • Strong economy: Delaware has a strong economy with a low unemployment rate. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities and a growing population, which can drive up home values over time.
  • Excellent schools: Delaware has a well-regarded public school system. This is important for families with young children or who are planning to start a family in the future.
  • Proximity to major cities: Delaware is located close to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. This makes it easy to commute to work or visit family and friends.

Delaware has a diverse range of cities and neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own unique charm. To find the best fit for your needs, start by narrowing down your choices based on the factors that are most important to you.

For example, families looking for a safe and family-friendly neighborhood with good schools may want to consider Middletown, while retirees seeking an active lifestyle might want to consider Millsboro or Lewes.

But no matter what your needs, from bustling cityscapes to serene coastal towns, Delaware has something for everyone. And with so many neighborhoods and new construction homes to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle in a place you’ll love!

Cant wait? Start your new life in Delaware today! Browse our selection of New Homes for Sale in Delaware and find the perfect new home to start your new adventure.

The Delaware Beach Area 

New Homes in Delaware Beaches - Riding Bikes

Living so close to the water is such a treat! Perfect for beachgoer families, the Delaware Beach Area is a clean and affluent location to live with lower taxes and plenty of jobs available.

You’ll only be a short drive away from Ocean View, Rehoboth, and Dewey Beach to soak up the sun and enjoy water activities. You can soak in local history at the historical Harbor of Refuge Light towers, saddle up at the Winswept Stables, step out on the trails for scenic walks, and find fresh produce from local farmers’ markets. 

Interested in the Delaware Beach Area? Whether you’re looking for that coastline life for work or you’re retiring by the sea, K. Hovnanian has new home communities in the Delaware Beach Area we know you’ll just love. See our full selection of new homes in Delaware Beaches.


New Homes in Downtown Middletown Delaware

Looking to move to the suburbs? Middletown is the choice for young professionals and families to settle down for a comfortable yet active lifestyle.  

Whether you’re more outdoorsy or not, Middletown has got the variety you’re looking for:

For the outdoorsy: Explore trails, playgrounds, and ponds at Charles Price Memorial Park, or take the kids to Brandywine Zoo.  

For the not-so-outdoorsy: Experience new weekly performances at the Premiere Center for the Arts at Milton Theater, or a new exhibit at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. 

And for those looking for fresh produce year-round, Filasky’s the place to be! You’ll have so much fun with seasonal fruit picking, too. 

Thinking about Middletown, DE? See our full selection of new construction homes in Middletown. Better yet, contact us today about our new K. Hovnanian homes in Middletown, Delaware. 


New Homes in Millsboro Beach

Millsboro was rated one of the best places to retire in Delaware, according to Niche.com in 2019. There are plenty of job opportunities, and you can comfortably retire here.

As one of the fastest-growing towns in Sussex County, discover thriving new local businesses, shop till you drop at the outlets in nearby Rehoboth, enjoy fresh farmers’ market flowers, and make memories at the Delmarva beaches. 

Considering Millsboro, DE? See our new homes in Millsboro. Better yet, contact us today about our new K. Hovnanian homes in Millsboro, Delaware. 


New Homes in Lewes Delaware Boats

Historic and picturesque, Lewes will welcome you with open arms. This area is perfect for retirement, or to move to so you can save up for retirement. Enjoy clean and beautiful beaches surrounding you, too!

Walk the mile-long boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach or stroll through the Junction and Breakwater Trail runs. Enjoy the nearby Cape Henlopen State Park with family and friends, and learn all about agriculture from local chefs and gardeners at the Lewes Farmers’ Market. 

Looking to Move to Lewes, DE? See our new construction homes in Lewes. Better yet, contact us today about our new K. Hovnanian homes in Lewes, Delaware. 

Sussex County 

Moving to Sussex County means you’ll have lower taxes and a higher quality of life. What’s not to love? This is a hot spot for retirement, and your family and friends will have a blast visiting you!

See live entertainment at Roland E. Powell Convention Center or find shipwreck artifacts at Discoversea Shipwreck Museum. 

Enjoy a beach day, visit Cape Henlopen State Park, which is right on the shores of Sussex County, or seek out some of the most scenic views in the state at the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.  

Checking out Sussex County, DE? See our new construction homes in Sussex County. Better yet, contact us today about our new K. Hovnanian homes in Sussex County, Delaware. 

Step 2: Choose The Type of New Home You Want to Live In 

Delaware New Construction Homes, Townhomes, Single-Family, Multi-Generational Suites

There are different types of homes that’ll best suit you, your family, and your lifestyle. Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you select the best fit while you’re house hunting: 

Single-Family Homes 

A single-family home is a great option for first-time homeowners. A single-family home is a freestanding structure that has on shared walls with any neighboring structures such as an apartment. You’ll own the land the house sits on when you purchase it, including the front and back yard. This allows for more privacy, freedom, and storage. 

Townhomes & Condos 

In a townhouse, you’ll share one or more walls with your neighbors. While they’re built up against one another, townhouses can be as spacious as a single-family home, oftentimes including amenities such backyards, decks, garages, and pools. A condo is a residential unit within a larger building. You may have units next to, above, and/or below you. Some differences between townhomes and condos include privacy, HOA fees, rules, and amenities. 

Multi-Generational / Extra Suites 

Multi-generational living has become more and more popular over the years. This can look like parents moving in with their adult children, adult children moving back home with their parents, housing for an au pair, and more.  

Investing in an Extra Suite can help enhance your lifestyle to spend more quality time with your loved ones comfortably. It’s a special way to design your added space for added personalization. 

Step 3: Choose Which Type of Community is Right for You 

Delaware New Build Communities

Delaware is home to many different types of new home communities, and the key is to find the one best suited for you and your needs. 

Types of Delaware New Construction Home Communities 

Family-friendly neighborhoods: With great school districts and crime rates, access to playgrounds, parks, and pools, you’ll enjoy live with children and grandchildren in Delaware. 

Quiet communities: Our Delaware communities are located in quieter spaces where you’ll feel at peace coming home from school and work. This allows for more privacy and tranquility. 

Master-planned communities: These spaces are designed with the homeowners in mind, often themed architecturally and offering plenty of amenities. Enjoy summers by the pool, plenty of green spaces for furry friends, shopping, dining, and much more.  

Golf communities: Get to know your neighbors who love the game as much as you do in a round on a private course. Take advantage of the clubhouses and tennis courts, while you’re at it!  

Waterfront communities: Residents who wish to live right off a lake or ocean will enjoy endless amounts of water activities from boating to fishing and swimming in a relaxing atmosphere close to home. 

Mountain communities: The fresh air and outdoor activities call out to those who seek mountain communities. Surround yourself in a natural setting with loved ones, and meet new neighbors along the way to go on more adventures together. 

Gated Community: Feel a sense of safety with the added security of a gated community. You’ll be surrounded by residents, and may feel more at ease with letting your kids play with the neighbors. 

Active 55+ Community: Indulge in a resort-like community for those who are 55 and up. With minimal maintenance and a variety of activities and transportation services, you’ll never have a dull moment. 

HOA or No HOA 

Think of an HOA (Homeowners Association) as a mini government formed within a community. HOA members are typically community members who are interested in regulating and maintaining their neighborhood.  

HOAs have their pluses and minuses, so you’ll need to consider your priorities. While some homeowners might chafe at regulations on things like exterior decorating, others enjoy the high levels of maintenance that HOA communities often have – as well as amenities, neighborhood events, high property values, conflict resolution, and an overall sense of community. 

Step 4: Consider Whether to Build Your New Home or Move In Now 

New Build Or Move-In Ready Delaware Homes

Timing is everything for whether you want to move into your new home immediately, or whether you’d prefer to take your time. Consider the different types of new homes you can choose from before you begin house hunting to ensure you’re looking for something that best suits your moving timeline. 

To-Be-Built Homes 

To-be-built homes are new construction homes that are purchased prior to the home being built. This is a popular option among homeowners who want to have a say in the planning and designing phase since it allows for more personalization of your property. After you purchase your lot, your home builder will help you choose personalized options such as floors, countertops, fixtures, and more. 

Move-In Ready Homes 

If you’re all packed and ready to go, a move-in ready home may be the choice for you! These types of new homes are already completed, so you won’t have to worry about spending the time to choose your interiors features. It’s like when you visit a model home and everything’s already set up as if you could move in that day. With a move-in ready home, you can! This is perfect for if you have a tight moving schedule. 

Spec or Quick Move-In Homes 

If you want to be part of the design and décor part of your new home, but also don’t wish to wait too long for it to be built from the ground up, a spec or quick move-in home may be your best bet. This option is for a new home that’s almost completed, but there’s time for you to make personalization’s to it before it’s fully completed to better suit your style. 

Step 5: Find the Right Delaware Home Builder 

Delaware Home Builders

Here are some steps to take: 

Schedule an Appointment or Tour a Model Home — While you can view images and videos on a Delaware home builder’s website, there’s nothing like seeing a home in person to truly picture yourself living in a similar space. We’d recommend starting your search online, but ultimately visiting in person. 

Discuss Exterior & Interior Design Options — Your new home’s exterior and interior designs are what make it so special and unique to you and your family. Be sure you’re aware of how much personalization you’ll have based on the type of home you choose and your home builder’s offerings on flooring, tiles, cabinets and more. 

At K. Hovnanian Homes, we’re proud to offer our innovative “Looks” interior design collections (available at select communities), making great design easy, user-friendly, and transparent. In a simple, streamlined process, we walk you through cohesive aesthetic design styles, such as Farmhouse and Loft style, while leaving plenty of options to personalize your home. 

Check Home Builder Incentives, Lending Options & Special Offers — It never hurts to see what your home builder offers in terms of discounts, financing, and promotions. 

Some Delaware home builders may be willing to offer incentives to make homeownership a reality for you.  

Finding the right home builder in Delaware is important to ensure you have a great buying experience. At K. Hovnanian Homes, our experts are committed to helping you on your home buying journey from start to finish.  

Step 6: Prepare Your Finances and Finalize Your Mortgage 

Buying a home can be one of the biggest purchases you make, so understanding how your mortgage works is a crucial step.  

Here are some steps on how to prep your finances and finalize your mortgage: 

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will give you a better idea of how much you can afford to borrow and will make your offer more attractive to sellers. 
  1. Save for a down payment. The larger your down payment is, the lower your monthly bill will be. 
  1. Check your credit score. Your credit score is going to affect the interest rate you’re offered for your mortgage. 
  1. Shop around for a mortgage lender. You’ll want to compare interest rates and fees from different lenders before you make your final decision. Be sure to check for any special offers from your home builder, too! 
  1. Read the closing disclosure carefully. This is a document that outlines all your mortgage terms, which is important to understand prior to your signing. 

After you’ve finalized your mortgage lender and agreed to the terms, then you’ll finalize the whole process. Here are a few things to keep in mind for that: 

  • Closing costs. On top of your monthly mortgage payment, you’ll be required to pay closing costs. The costs can vary, but typically range from 2%-5% of your home’s purchase price. 
  • Escrow account. An escrow account is a separate account that holds money for your property taxes and homeowners’ insurance. The lender collects money from you monthly and deposits it into the escrow account. 
  • Title insurance. The title insurance protects you in case there are any problems with the property title. 

While the process may seem overwhelming at first, when buying a K. Hovnanian home, we offer multiple free resources to avoid common stumbling blocks and help you sail through the process. Our in-house mortgage company, K. Hovnanian® American Mortgage, L.L.C.™(KHAM), also offers a variety of loan programs to work with your budget and needs. Reach out to a KHAM representative today to learn more.

Step 7: Get Ready for Your New Home in Delaware 

Move in to Your New Delaware Home

Congrats on getting through our first six steps of buying a new home in Delaware!  

We understand the full moving process — from decluttering, packing, planning, furniture, and design choices to your actual move-in day — is undeniably complex.  

Getting ready to move into your new home can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. If you start planning ahead since there are so many things to do, you can make this process go smoothly. 

Here are some tips on how to get ready to move into your new construction home: 

  • Pack early. If you start packing early, you’ll avoid last-minute stress. 
  • Start a moving checklist. This helps you visually keep track of everything that needs to be completed before, during, and after your move. Plus, checking off those items can make you feel extra accomplished when you’re stressed. 
  • Set up utilities and connectivity. Ensure your electric, gas, water, internet, and phone services are all set up and ready to go for your move-in date so you can relax in your new space properly. 
  • Take safety precautions for children and pets. Ensure your new home is safe for children and pets to play and explore upon moving in. 
  • Unpack our belongings slowly and carefully. Take your time to enjoy the unpacking process while you get settled into your new home. 

Here are some additional tips: 

  • Label your boxes clearly. There’s nothing more frustrating than wondering where you packed one specific item that you need ASAP after moving, but not knowing where it’s located. Save yourself that headache and label your boxes very clearly from the start. Don’t just go with “office items” either! Get specific like, “office supplies: markers, tax forms, books…”  
  • Pack a “first night” box. This should include all the items you anticipate you and your family will need to spend the first night in your new home. Think of toothbrushes, toilet paper, any medication, pajamas, or sheets. 
  • Don’t forget the small stuff. Small essentials that can be easily forgotten may include batteries, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies. 
  • Ask for help. It’s always a good idea to ask for help. Lean on your family and friends who have an extra hand to help you pack, move, or unpack.  

Moving into a new construction home in Delaware can be a lot of work, but it’s an exciting time. By following our tips, you can make this experience more enjoyable. 

So, are you ready to start your new life in Delaware? Visit K. Hovnanian Homes and browse our selection of new construction homes in Delaware today and find the perfect home for you. With a wide variety of styles and floor plans to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect home for your needs and budget. And with our convenient location and amenities, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Delaware has to offer. 

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