Considering new construction homes in Arizona? Purchasing a dream home is an exciting time for you and your loved ones. From exploring a new city, to connecting with neighbors, to making memories to cherish in a new space, your Arizona adventure awaits!  

Whether you know the state like the back of your hand or have no idea what to expect, there are important factors to consider when buying a new home in Arizona. Be sure to research considerations location, cost, and climate before you dive into life in Arizona.  

As experienced home builders, we know the homebuying process can be stressful, so we’re here to make it a little easier for you. Use our guide of 10 things to consider when buying a new construction home in Arizona, to help you make a more careful and informed decision. 

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1. Location, Location, Location! 

New Construction Homes in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State is full of charming cities, big and small. The goal is to find the best one to suit your needs and lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a city: 

  • Proximity to essential amenities: Being close to what you need can really make or break how much you enjoy where you live. Some essentials include: 
    • Schools (preschool, K-12, continuing education, and any special tutoring needs) 
    • Healthcare (hospitals, general practitioners, specialists, and pet care) 
    • Grocery stores 
    • Parks (for humans and pets!) 
    • Recreational facilities 
  • Commute time: Let’s be real, no one wants to spend hours in traffic getting from Point A to Point B — which is why commute times are essential to map out prior to your move. Think about the following: 
    • Access to major roads 
    • Public transportation (buses, trains, and ADA paratransit services) 
    • Ride share availability (ride-hailing services such as Uber or Lyft, and carpooling with neighbors) 
    • Rentable e-bikes or e-scooters 
    • Airports 
  • Community feel and vibe: A house isn’t a home unless you feel comfortable and safe in your space and surrounding areas. Take into consideration: 
    • Safety 
    • Family-friendliness 
    • Active lifestyle 
    • Diversity 

Additional considerations include: 

  • Homeowners Association (HOA): An HOA is a private, self-governing organization within your neighborhood in charge of managing and developing the community. They uphold rules and regulations and there may be HOA fees to pay if you’re part of this type of community. Read more about HOAs, benefits, and fees here
  • Community features: Choose a community that offers features which most benefit your lifestyle. Questions to ask yourself: 
  • Potential future development:  You may want to keep your eye out for potential real estate development in the area, in case you wish to purchase another home in the future, or to have your loved ones move closer to you. 
  • Hidden gems: From sights to food and vibes, there are the tried-and-true favorites, and then the local hidden gems.  
  • Oh, the sights you’ll see!: Yes, Grand Canyon National Park is a well-known and beautiful landmark – but don’t sleep on these either!  
    • Take a cave tour at Kartchner Caverns State Park. 
    • Find tranquility at the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix. 
    • Explore cacti forests at Mcdowell Sonoran Conservatory. 
    • Catch breathtaking views at Humboldt Mountain Lookout. 
  • Snow in the desert: While it’s a desert landscape, there are parts of Arizona with snow! Check out Flagstaff for some snowy adventures. 
  • A barking good time: Dog owners will love all the dog-friendly places throughout the state! Get some fresh air with your four-legged friend on a hike in Papago Park. 
  • Finger lickin’ good food: Foodies will discover tons of dining options, from the classic Tex-Mex, to the region’s native cacti, and Native American fry bread. 

Best Places to Buy a New construction Home in Arizona

Arizona’s sunny climate and diverse landscapes make it a popular destination for homebuyers. Whether you crave the excitement of a bustling city, the charm of a historic town, or the tranquility of a suburban retreat, Arizona offers a variety of communities to suit your preferences. From rapidly growing suburbs to established cities, this list explores some of the hottest spots to discover your dream new construction home in the Grand Canyon State.

  • Buckeye: A rapidly growing suburb west of Phoenix, Buckeye consistently ranks among Arizona’s safest communities according to Value Penguin. Offering a blend of stunning scenery, a growing job market, and a tight-knit community, Buckeye is ideal for those seeking a relaxed, rural lifestyle with convenient access to city amenities. Agriculture and equestrian activities are central to Buckeye’s identity, nature lovers and horse enthusiasts will find themselves right at home, with ample opportunities to embrace Buckeye’s rich agricultural heritage. Discover new homes for sale in Buckeye AZ, perfect for those seeking a peaceful escape.
  • Gilbert: Just southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert offers a captivating blend of historic charm and a vibrant downtown district. Renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, Gilbert consistently ranks high on “best places to live” lists. This is no surprise, considering its excellent schools, a strong job market, and abundant parks and recreation options. Find new homes for sale in Gilbert AZ, close to excellent schools, renowned restaurants, and exciting entertainment options.
  • Glendale: Soak up the sunshine year-round in Glendale, Arizona, a city known for its outdoor activities and friendly atmosphere. Home to State Farm Stadium, Gila River Arena, and the historic Glendale Glitters Christmas lights festival, Glendale provides a lively sports and entertainment scene. Explore new homes for sale in Glendale AZ, and discover a community that perfectly balances recreation and relaxation.
  • Maricopa: A fast-growing city south of Phoenix with a rich agricultural history, Maricopa AZ is an excellent choice for families and young professionals seeking an affordable lifestyle. With easy access to major freeways, commuting to Phoenix or Tucson is a breeze. Maricopa boasts a lower cost of living compared to neighboring cities. Find new homes for sale in Maricopa AZ, and become part of this fast-growing city with a bright future.

Learn more about Maricopa’s charm: “Top 6 Reasons Maricopa, AZ is the Place to Call Home

  • Phoenix: Arizona’s vibrant capital city, Phoenix offers a bustling metropolitan environment with a sunny climate, stunning mountain views, and a diverse range of cultural attractions. Phoenix caters to a variety of lifestyles, from bustling downtown living to quiet suburban neighborhoods. Phoenix offers an endless array of activities and attractions, from world-class museums and sporting events to stunning hiking trails and vibrant nightlife. Look for new homes in Phoenix AZ, and immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of this dynamic city.
  • San Tan Valley: Nestled in the Pinal County foothills between Phoenix and Tucson, San Tan Valley provides a peaceful retreat with scenic mountain vistas and a slower pace of life. It’s a family-friendly community ideal for retirees or those seeking a more affordable alternative to Phoenix or Tucson, while still offering convenient access to amenities. Discover new homes for sale in San Tan Valley AZ, with convenient access to amenities, excellent schools, and plenty of green spaces for outdoor recreation.
  • Scottsdale: Renowned for its luxurious resorts, championship golf courses, and high-end shopping, Scottsdale attracts visitors and residents seeking a sophisticated desert lifestyle. Beyond the glitz, Scottsdale also boasts top-rated schools, a strong arts scene, and a variety of outdoor activities, allowing residents to experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert firsthand. Find new homes for sale in Scottsdale AZ, and enjoy the perfect blend of luxury living and cultural exploration.

K. Hovnanian has plenty of Arizona new home communities located in various cities that we know you’ll love, contact us or schedule a tour today!

2. Understanding the Costs: More Than Just Price 

Understanding the Costs of a new home: More Than Just Price 

While you look at the cost of a new construction home, it’s crucial to remember to look beyond just the asking price. Some food for thought: 

  • Upfront costs: This includes the home price as well as taxes and any additional fees. 
  • Hidden costs: Don’t forget about any potential inspection fees, warranty fees, homeowner’s insurance, real estate agent fees, and private mortgage insurance
  • Ongoing expenses: Think in terms of home maintenance like exterior desert landscaping fees and utilities.  

When it comes to financing your new home, map out your budget and affordability.  

  • Budgeting is key to ensure you have what you need saved. Think about a realistic budget that will work for your income and lifestyle.  
  • In terms of what you can afford, look at your down payment options, understand all your closing costs, and keep an eye on your ongoing expenses like property taxes, HOA fees, and maintenance. 

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3. Arizona’s Climate & Your Home 

Arizona New Homes Grand Canyon

Before moving to Arizona, it’s essential to understand the unique climate and how it’ll impact you as a resident in terms of challenges and opportunities. From the heat, sunlight, and monsoons, think about how this may affect energy and landscaping. 

Heat and sun 

Living in Arizona means you’ll experience a desert climate, so if scorching heat and intense sunlight aren’t your cup of tea, you may want to think twice about moving to Arizona. An abundance of heat and sunlight may also impact your home’s materials and surfaces, as well as energy consumption. You always want to be comfortable in your own home, which means ensuring that your home is well equipped to stay cool despite prolonged sun exposure.  

Energy efficiency 

Living a lifestyle that’s more energy efficient will benefit you in the long run. By incorporating a few key strategies, you can create a highly energy-efficient home that keeps you cool and saves you money on utility bills. Here’s how:

  • Harness the Power of the Sun: Solar panels are a smart investment in Arizona’s abundant sunshine. You’ll slash your electric bills and enjoy the satisfaction of generating clean energy for your home.
  • Seal the Deal with Superior Insulation: Look for Home builders like us, who prioritize air sealing and high-performance insulation materials. This keeps the cool air in and the scorching heat out.
  • Smarter Cooling with Smart Thermostats: Smart thermostats are your secret weapon for efficient cooling. These programmable thermostats let you adjust temperatures based on your schedule and preferences. They can even learn your habits and automatically create a comfortable environment while minimizing energy use.
  • Landscape for Shade and Cooling: Strategic landscaping goes a long way in Arizona. Plant shade trees near your south-facing walls to block the sun’s harsh rays. Consider drought-resistant groundcovers and shrubs that reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it. This will create a cooler microclimate around your home and reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll create a more comfortable, energy-efficient home, save money on your utility bills, and reduce your environmental impact. Win-win-win!

K. Hovnanian® Homes provides ENERGY STAR® certified homes available throughout Arizona! You’ll have high-efficiency heating and cooling, advanced insulation, and energy-efficient windows. Contact us to learn more!

Water conservation 

Conserving water is a must in a desert landscape! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Low-flow fixtures: Minimize water usage without compromising functionality! 
  • Drought-resistant plants: If you’re not good at remembering to water your plants, you’re in luck! Opt for drought-resistant plants to reduce excessive watering and promote water conservation. 
  • Rainwater harvesting: Collecting rainwater is a great sustainable practice. Just keep a couple of buckets in the corner of your backyard, and you can use your collection for watering plants, washing the car, outdoor cleaning, or filling up a bird bath. 

Monsoon preparedness 

Water damage can pose a real threat to homes, and without being prepared, you may end up having to repair many parts of your home due to flooding, which can be costly. 

  • Drainage systems: Prevent water accumulation around your home during heavy rainfalls. 
  • Flood mitigation strategies: Elevate vulnerable areas using flood barriers to help mitigate the impact of flash floods. Looking into flood insurance may be a beneficial addition to taking care of your home. 
  • Storm protection: Implement storm-resistant features to safeguard your home from monsoon-related damage. 

At K. Hovnanian® Homes, we take pride in building and designing quality homes to last in Arizona’s unique climate. To find out more, check out new construction homes in Arizona!  

4. Finding Your Perfect Fit: Floor Plan & Functionality 

Floor Plans

When you’re house hunting, be sure the floor plan and its functionality fit you and your family’s current and future needs. 

Layout and functionality 

A home’s layout is important to its functionality and how you’ll interact with the space.  

Open floorplans are popular for those who’d like a more seamless flow throughout their space, to foster an airy environment and a sense of connection in bringing loved ones together.  

For more individualized spaces, you can opt for a less open floorplan to promote privacy. There are also flexible space options such as multi-functional rooms, or living spaces like our Extra Suite, for multi-generational living.  

Size and number of bed and baths 

While we know you’ll love our luxe owner’s suites and tranquil en-suite baths, consider the number and size of beds and baths throughout your new home, and how that’ll fit into your lifestyle. Think about how this impacts your daily routines and comfort levels.  

  • Do you wish to have fewer and larger bedrooms? Or more bedrooms that may be smaller? 
  • Is a first-floor bedroom a must? 
  • Do you want a large, first-floor bathroom with wide, accessible entryways?  
  • Are showers vs. bathtubs important to you? 
  • Do you have a need for a specific number of bathrooms on the second floor?  

Whether your must-haves include extra storage, a home office, or a backyard, ensure you make a checklist to bring with you as you house hunt. 

We encourage you to tour homes to truly visualize what your life would be like in a certain floorplan. If you won’t be living alone, bring along those who’ll live with you to get a better sense of the flow and functionality of a specific space. Virtual tours are great, but walkthroughs are even better, when you can ask a Sales Consultant questions and learn more about the neighborhood. 

5. Amenities and Community: What’s Your Lifestyle? 

When you live in one of our new construction home communities, you’ll have access to plenty of amenities just steps away from your front door. There’s something for every lifestyle designed with you in mind. 

  • Active communities: Many of our new construction communities in Arizona are fit for those with an active lifestyle, with amenities like pools, sports courts, and fitness centers. (Because age is just a number, K. Hovnanian offers active adult 55+ communities!) 
  • Family-friendly communities: Take advantage of your kids fostering friendships on the tot lot, walking your pets with neighbors at the park, or birthday parties on the barbecue Ramada.  
  • Quiet communities: For a more serene environment, look for a gated community. You’ll have more quiet time at the spa, on a walking path, or on the golf course. 

Choose the best community for you and your loved ones and be sure you consider any fees or restrictions! Think about it in terms of HOA fees, or restrictions on modifications to the exterior of your home. 

6. School Districts and Nearby Services 

Having access to education, healthcare, and markets are important to craft a convenient lifestyle.  

Research the following prior to a move to ensure all your necessities are met: 

  • School quality  
  • School proximity, including commute times during morning and evening rush hours  
  • Specialty schooling such as tutoring centers or educational specialists 
  • Healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and 24-hour vets 
  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores 

You’ll have a more enhanced way of life the more you prep prior to moving into your new home when it comes to knowing that all your essential education and services are nearby. 

7. Builder reputation and warranties 

Builder reputation and warranties 

Buying from a home builder you trust is key, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way.  

What you should consider when choosing a builder: 

  • Research your builder and their reputation online.
    • Can they meet your needs?
    • Do they offer services and features you’re looking for in your dream home?
    • Do they seem trustworthy?
    • Do you feel like you would work well with them? 
  • Read customer reviews 
  • Get in touch with any builders you’re interested in, to chat with sales consultants or community specialists 
  • Speak to other homeowners who’ve worked with this builder 
  • Ask lots of questions 

Construction materials and warranty 

Look into all the materials that are going into your home. When you understand quality construction, you’ll better understand how your home is being built, whether it’s from the ground up or if it’s move-in-ready.   

When it comes to your warranty, be sure you read all the fine print and are knowledgeable about any potential warranty limitations. It’s crucial to understand the scope of coverage and the procedure for addressing warranty claims.  

8. Financing and incentives 

Financing and incentives 

Financing a home is a big step, and there’s so many things to go over from mortgage to interest rates, incentives and down payment assistance.  

Mortgage options and interest rates 

Explore all the options out there to find the best fit for you and your financial standing.  

  • Look into fixed-rate mortgages vs. adjustable-rate mortgages 
  • Look into FHA vs Conventional loans
  • Don’t overlook the impact your credit score can have on your mortgage eligibility and interest rates 
  • Try getting pre-approved! It’ll give you a clearer picture of your actual budget and financing options 

Builder incentives and down payment assistance 

Home builders will often offer incentives or specials, so don’t be shy to ask about: 

  • Closing cost assistance 
  • Upgrades or additional features for little or no extra cost 
  • Special financing options 
  • Reduced mortgage rates 

There may be assistance programs depending on where you’re moving to, so be sure to do your research. 

9. Long-term value and resale potential 


We want you to think about the big picture when you purchase a home. Are you looking to pass it down a generation (or more)? Do you wish to sell or rent it out down the road? Consider its long-term value and resale potential. Look at factors like: 

  • Location 
  • Are you close to major highways? 
  • Are there desirable employment opportunities nearby? 
  • Are the education options excellent? 
  • Community development 
  • Market trends 
  • Upgrades/additions/renovations 

10. Beyond the build: Moving in and beyond 

Family Moving into New New home in Arizona

After you’ve purchased a home, it’s time to plan the move! Here’s a list of things to consider: 

  • Budgeting for moving costs 
  • Preparing the new home before you move in, such as getting your utilities set up prior to the move for a more seamless transition 
  • Landscaping/adjustments post move-in 
  • Warranty claims 
  • Ongoing maintenance 

If you have movers or loved ones helping you move, be sure you include them in the moving and post-move process so you have more support as you journey into a new space.  

Ready to start your new life in Arizona? Visit K. Hovnanian Homes and browse our selection of new construction homes in Arizona today to find your home sweet home. With a wide variety of styles and floor plans to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect home for your needs and budget. And with our convenient location and amenities, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Arizona has to offer.

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