The purchase of a new home is an exciting time for all involved. But what do you celebrate with? Specifically, what kinds of gifts should you get a new homeowner? Here are five gift ideas to help the new homeowner in your life feel more comfortable in their brand-new home.

1. Cookware

Often the first thing lost in a move, cookware is a cornerstone of any kitchen. Items like a unique cutting board or a cast-iron skillet make for lasting gifts that homeowners will love to use. A sturdy piece of cookware that’s easy to clean and diverse in function, cast-iron pans and skillets will last for years with simple care and make excellent additions to any kitchen.

2. Blankets and Throws

Colorful blankets or comfortable throws offer a refreshing way to add color to a new home, complementing the look of a room without being intrusive. Excellent additions to nearly any living room, a great blanket or throw will work well visually over a couch or recliner while providing a comforting cover to warm up under.

3. Lighting

We never know we need more lighting until we’re in the dark during our first week in a new home. Additional lighting can help bring some much-needed illumination to those brand new rooms. Small, unobtrusive elements like table lights make the perfect, moveable addition to anyone’s home. So, as they settle in, your homeowner friends or family can easily illuminate any space they need with your helpful addition.

4. Greenery

Nothing livens a space like bright greenery. While the choice to go with plastic is always an option, there’s a specific energy that comes with living plants. Of course, this gift requires a bit more consideration, as its maintenance is an added ask of the homeowner. So do consider plants that are easy to take care of, like aloe, cacti, or an air plant.

5. Practical Items

Lastly, even though items like storage containers or towel hooks aren’t the most conventional gifts to give new homeowners, they’ll likely end up being the most practical. Simple-to-assemble storage containers or easy-hang shelves will help take care of any additional storage needs. As well, by providing an item that’s easy to place and move means you’re not only providing the homeowner with easy-to-relocate storage but also saving them the stress of a lengthy assembly process.

The purchase of a home is an excellent reason to celebrate and helping someone feel comfortable in their brand-new home is a wonderful reason to get a gift. Whatever you decide on, your gift is sure to be a welcome inclusion in the many years of happy memories your homeowner friends or family are sure to make.

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Last Updated on April 26, 2021