Prospective homebuyers often ask about the differences between stick-built homes and modular or manufactured homes. The main distinction is that stick-built homes involve the traditional building technique of on-site construction, while modular and manufactured homes are built either partly or entirely off-site, in a factory or similar facility, and then transported to the homesite. A homebuyer’s choice between a stick-built, modular, or manufactured home depends on need and preference

Though modular and manufactured construction may be the right choice for some, K. Hovnanian Homes is proud to offer stick-built construction. This means that every one of our homes is a wood-frame structure assembled piece by piece, or stick by stick (hence “stick-built”), on the actual homesite. For this reason, stick-built homes are also known as site-built homes. There are a few key benefits to building and buying stick-built homes that every homebuyer should know about.

3 Benefits of Buying a Stick-Built Home

1. Meticulous Construction

Because stick-built homes are constructed on site with individual pieces of lumber, builders have the power to make adjustments if any issues come up along the way. With modular and manufactured homes, all major construction decisions are made before the structure is brought to the homesite. Think of making a cake from scratch versus buying a boxed cake mix. The boxed mix will likely be faster to make, but baking a cake from scratch will allow you more control over the quality and quantity of the ingredients you use.

2. Greater Homebuyer Control

With a stick-built home, you’ll have the opportunity to check on construction at every stage and to eventually complete a final walk-through. If you change your mind about something, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with the construction team before your home’s completion. Even if the changes you want to make are small, they can greatly impact your satisfaction with the final product — luckily, stick-built homes allow more time and flexibility for customizations.

3. Appreciate in Value

Buying a home is a huge investment. For many, it’s the biggest investment they’ll make in their lifetime. Homebuyers want to make smart investments, which in this case means buying a home that will appreciate in value over time. Historically, stick-built homes are far more likely to appreciate in value than modular or manufactured homes. Should you ever want to sell your home down the line, stick-built construction offers the best chance of making a profit.

In short, stick-built homes offer you the highest quality, flexibility and long-lasting value that new construction has to offer.

K. Hovnanian builds new stick-built homes all across the country. Visit our new home communities in your state.

Last Updated on April 28, 2022