Moving to another state can be a stressful event, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re interested in a fresh start for your family, providing new opportunities for education or chances to expand your career, moving to another state may provide exactly what you’re looking for. Follow our easy, step-by-step, moving out of state checklist for all the tips you’ll need!


When preparing to relocate, it’s always best to dedicate time to research, and in more ways than you may have initially thought. It’s important that children get the best education possible, so researching potential school districts is a refreshing freedom house-hunters enjoy. You’re no longer locked into an area you’ve outgrown.

You’ll also want to check out local news in your town-to-be. Nowhere is without its own personal history, so it’s important to be aware of whatever that may be before you settle down. Study your future routes to work, school, and other necessities. Having a plan is more than crucial, it’s a comfort.


You’ve done your research, now what? Putting a plan together and acting on it will help save you time and money. So, start exploring all the ways you can put your plan into action. Ask yourself what your relocation options are. Will you use your own means or hire professional movers? How many vehicles are you bringing along with you and what will you have access to once you’ve moved?

Along with the How, what will be brought with you is an important question to ask yourself. When accommodations change, so will your available space. When researching potential movers, investigate storage options. Will you need long term or short term? How much of your moving money will need to be allocated to it?


The research is done and the plan is in place, time to make it happen. You’ve figured out how to get to your new home, now all that’s left is to arrive. Be sure your forwarding address is secured, and any mail you may receive during the transition is taken care of. You want your focus to be entirely on preparing yourself for a brand-new life. You owe it to yourself to alleviate as much potential stress from moving day as possible.

To make moving and unpacking easier, plan ahead to make sure that all of your utilites have been connected.  Nothing spoils a first day in the new home than take-out in the dark.  Be sure to save yourself the hassle and think ahead of your arrival.  It’s a major step that is often overlooked. 


You’ve made it! Welcome home. Now, time to get familiar with your new surroundings and utilize that careful planning and hard work you’ve put in. Practice those routes and take in your new landmarks. While time will bring its own familiarity to your new home, it doesn’t hurt to get a lay of the land.

Take this downtime to make sure all major documentation has been updated. Having planned ahead, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have an idea of exactly what needs changing and where to go. While moving can be stressful, with some pre-planning in the early stages, you can spend more time enjoying the new home and surroundings.

If you find a move is in your future, follow our tips for moving out of state to cut down on that stress. With each major phase of moving to another state laid out in step-by-step pieces, K. Hovnanian hopes you’ll use the additional time to explore one of our many stunning communities.

Last Updated on December 10, 2021