L-shaped kitchens are a popular layout in many homes, and for good reason. This configuration is a great choice regardless of home size and whether your kitchen is modest or large. While there’s a lot to be said in favor of L-shaped kitchens, it’s also worth considering whether this is the best floor plan for you. Read on to learn the main features, pros and cons of L-shaped kitchens.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The main types of kitchen layouts you’ll encounter are L-shaped, U-shaped, island, peninsula (or G-shaped), one-wall and galley kitchens. The layout you choose can depend on a number of factors, including the size of your home, the function you need the kitchen to serve and even aesthetic preference. L-shaped kitchens feature a functional and versatile layout that allows for maximum efficiency, making them great for small and large homes alike.

  • Shaped like the letter ‘L’
  • Two perpendicular walls
  • One elongated wall
  • Often features an island
  • Grouped work stations

Pros of an L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for efficient, open-concept kitchens in any home size. As per its name, this layout forms the letter ‘L’ with two perpendicular walls, one of which is generally longer than the other. When L-shaped kitchens are designed properly, appliances are grouped along each wall in such a way that allows for an efficient work triangle. For instance, with a fridge and stove on one wall, a sink on the other and an island in the middle, the cook can access anything she needs right within her work triangle. Additionally, since L-shaped kitchens only occupy two walls, they are an ideal shape for open-concept floor plans.

  • Ideal for open concept
  • Efficient work triangle
  • Maximize small areas
  • Versatile appliance layout
  • Creates modern feel

Cons of an L-Shaped Kitchen

Though L-shaped kitchens are popular for a number of good reasons, there are also drawbacks to consider. For instance, if you like more separation between the kitchen and living areas then an L-shaped kitchen with an open-concept design may not be what you’re looking for. An open floor plan may also mean that you lose a third or fourth wall, which may mean less storage and counter space.

  • Less wall and storage space
  • Limited counter space
  • Can feel less private

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Last Updated on August 13, 2021