The holidays are an exciting time, and we feel it’s important not to have that joy hampered by light wallets and tightening belts. Oftentimes, families moving into a new home have little extra in the way of spending money to decorate for the holidays. K. Hovnanian® wants you to make the most of the celebratory season by bringing you five easy tips for decorating on a budget.

1. Get Crafty

Embrace the holiday tradition of hand-made gifts with some can-do attitude and metallic spray paint. Local craft stores often have the ingredients for making stunning Christmas ornaments, so picking up your perfect supplies is not only easy but inexpensive. Beyond saving on cost, the experience of making your own ornaments that will last for years afterward to come helps add even more intimacy to the holiday season.

2. Lights Aglow

Nothing warms a space like soft lightning and a welcoming scent. A great way to turn a simple candle into a safe, warm, holiday decorations takes little more than patience and a mason jar. Placing a candle into an appropriately-sized mason jar contains the wax into a beautiful pool of color while the gently flickering light is diffused through the glass. A perfect accent piece for your mantle, end-table, or gift-wrapping station.

3. Wrap it Up

People invent so much money every year in wrapping paper, but only use it for one thing. Make the most of your wrapping paper by using it to liven your space. Wrap a picture frame, and suddenly you have a beautiful, seasonal decoration on your wall. Turn everyday objects in your home into beautiful works of holiday art with little cost and next to no effort.

4. A Scent of Citrus

An old holiday tradition can make a fun and flavorful return while you’re on a budget. Dried citrus hung from simple string fills a home with the wonderful scent of the holidays. Whether you choose to decorate your home in traditional rustic tones and welcome in the soft scents of the season, or build your own ornaments, you are sure to have a colorful holiday that won’t break your bank.

5. Decorative Improvisation

The holiday season is more than money, bigger than budget, and you can do so much to fill your home with warmth using a little ingenuity. Repurpose products from around your home for a rustic touch, drape furniture in holiday colors, and bring some seasonal nature indoors for a decorative wreath. There is no shortage to the creative ways you can make holiday decorating accessible.

We at K. Hovnanian understand the value of owning your space. To take four walls and make it a home takes love and dedication, and these easy-to-follow holiday decorating tips are perfect for filling your home with both. Take advantage of some of our tips, bring the holidays into your home this season, and save while doing it.

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Last Updated on April 28, 2022