Obtaining financing is a critical step in purchasing a new construction home. With so many choices of financing available to home buyers, which is the best? We believe using your builder’s lender, such as our own K. Hovnanian American Mortgage, LLC (KHAM), offers many benefits, including the convenience of one-stop shopping and a smooth overall process. No wonder 90% of our home buyers choose our mortgage company. Here are the key benefits of using our in-house lender:

Dedicated to Serving Only K. Hovnanian Home Buyers

Banks and credit unions finance all kinds of major purchases. Outside mortgage companies deal in resale and refinancing loans. As part of a leading home builder that’s been around for over 60 years, KHAM offers expertise not only in lending but also in new home construction. We do not do resale home loans, refinancing or home equity loans, but focus exclusively on serving K. Hovnanian new home buyers. When it comes to new home financing, we are tried-and-true experts.

Unparalleled Service

No outside mortgage company will work hand-in-hand with your homebuilder like KHAM does. Because we work so closely with K. Hovnanian’s sales and construction teams, we are able to deliver exceptional service no matter what obstacles are encountered. To put it simply, we can do everything other lenders can do, but they can’t do everything we can do.

Streamlined Process and Communications

Working with one company, one team means increased certainty and a lesser chance of any errors or lending delays. As a customer of K. Hovnanian, you will get quick answers to your questions and the timely resolution of any problems that may arise. Ultimately, this means your loan will close on time and you’ll get the keys to your new home without any delays related to financing.

Choice of Loan Programs

Whatever your specific situation and mortgage needs, we are confident we can offer the best solution, for KHAM offers a wide variety of loan programs. Our experienced Account Managers will go over your needs and assist you in selecting the best fit. Our rates are competitive, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that long-term interest rate lock options are available.

One-Stop Shopping

In addition to offering new home financing through KHAM, K. Hovnanian provides title insurance and settlement services and now also home insurance policies, which streamlines the home buying process even further and means extra convenience and peace of mind for our customers.

Savings and Incentives

Financing with KHAM can result in savings to our home buyers. The savings we realize due to streamlined processes and increased efficiency are passed on to our customers as valuable incentives. So, you get better service, a faster settlement and extra savings. When you choose to finance with an outside lender, it means more time and effort for us, and therefore we cannot offer the same savings.

In today’s tight housing market, it is particularly important to choose a finance company that will process your loan efficiently and on time. Choosing KHAM to finance your new K. Hovnanian home will ensure that. To learn more, visit www.khovmortgage.com.

Last Updated on May 28, 2021