We’ve all heard that real estate is about location, location, location. Well, Ashland is one of Ohio’s prime locations, boasting a variety of shopping destinations, a historical downtown, and more.

At K. Hovnanian® Homes Build On Your Lot, we’ve taken the top five reasons why our customers choose to build and live in the Ashland area. Here are the top benefits and things to do in Ashland, Ohio.

1. A Vibrant and Historical Downtown

Ashland welcomes visitors in the best way possible: a big sign that says, “The World Headquarters of Nice People.” Downtown, you’ll find a small hometown feel with the amenities of a large city. You’ll also find small shops with the friendliest people, antiques and homemade products, as well as entertainment and social venues. Don’t forget to visit the Ashland Historical Society to learn more about the historical homes and buildings dating back to the mid-19th century.

2. Ashland University

Ashland University is home to over 3,200 undergraduate students and 200 academic staff. The University offers top notch nursing and education programs, as well as graduate and doctoral programs. This unique university is perfect for those looking to continue their education in a vibrant, growing city.

3. Top-Notch Healthcare

Ashland is not only home to a renowned nursing program, but also top medical facilities to take care of the people who live far and wide. Smack dab between Cleveland and Columbus, it’s the perfect middle ground for those who live a country lifestyle to find top-notch healthcare without having to travel to larger cities. Ashland has its own Akron Children’s Hospital branch as well as a University Hospitals branch — two of the highest-rated hospitals in Ohio.

4. Recreation

Hot Air Balloon Race in Ashland, OH

There are so many different destinations just a short drive away both indoors and outdoors. If you’re looking for things to do in Ashland, check out the numerous parks and preserves that border the city. If you’re more of a film or horror buff, the nearby Mansfield Reformatory is calling your name. Cleveland and Lake Erie are a short drive away too, so go ahead! Enjoy those Cleveland Indians season passes and days on the lake. If Columbus is more your style, head south and enjoy great shopping at Polaris or take an education day and visit COSI. As well, within 100 miles, there are three award-winning zoos.

5. Peace and Quiet

Minutes from the city, many of our K. Hovnanian® families choose to build in Ashland because of the availability of land. The area has all the perks of the city with the peace and quiet that a rural setting can provide. With our personalized homes, it’s easy to find a place where you can come home from a hard day at work to relax.

With more than 20,000 people already calling it home, we think Ashland is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Visit us today at our Ashland Design Studio to see how can build a home perfectly designed to fit your needs.

Last Updated on April 29, 2019