• Thorndale GS Side Entry Garage

  • Thorndale HS Side Entry Garage

  • Thorndale FS Side Entry Garage

  • Thorndale HS partial stone

  • Thorndale FB

  • Thorndale FS partial brick

  • Thorndale FS

  • Thorndale FS partial stone

  • Thorndale FT

  • Thorndale GS partial brick

  • Thorndale GS

  • Thorndale GS partial stone

  • Thorndale GT

  • Thorndale HB

  • Thorndale HS partial brick

  • Thorndale HS

Room dimensions may vary. Prices, availability, and specifications may change without notice. Some photography may be used for illustrative purposes and contain structural options or designer features that are not included as standard. Certain materials may be discontinued or substituted. Please see a community Sales Consultant to learn how you can personalize your new home with optional features and upgrades.

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