The two most important factors to consider during your home search are location and home design. But it can be hard to find a resale home in your dream neighborhood that has the design features you love, especially within your price range. Instead of searching for months to find a home with all your “must haves” or renovating a fixer-upper, there’s another option: Build on Your Lot. When you choose Build on Your Lot, you can hand select the location and the design of your dream home.

What is Build on Your Lot (BOYL)?

With Build on Your Lot, also known as BOYL, a homebuilder will build one of their home designs on your land. You won’t have to compromise on your design preferences or your dream location. And you don’t have to own the land already in order to build your dream home. Our Build on Your Lot team says over half of their customers don’t own land. In those cases, builders like ourselves work with trusted realtors to help you find the perfect piece of land to purchase. Then, you can choose from a wide variety of floor plans designed by top architects to create the perfect layout for your family.

The Build on Your Lot process is simple and designed to help buyers build a home that fits their lifestyle and budget. At K. Hovnanian®, for example, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a New Home Consultant at a BOYL Design Studio to add personalized choices, like your favorite finishes or even fun design features, like a second-floor porch.

Benefits of Build on Your Lot

Depending on what’s important to you during your home search, you may find that a BOYL home is the best option to suit your lifestyle and priorities. With a wide selection of home designs and affordable options, there are so many benefits of choosing BOYL. You’ll enjoy the many benefits of new construction, plus the ability to choose your dream location and property and yard size.

1. Location, Location, Location.

There’s a reason why “location, location, location” is every realtor’s mantra. It’s the most important thing to consider when moving. You can change the paint color, floors and even the size of a home, but you can’t change the neighborhood it’s located in. When you choose Build on Your Lot, you can choose your dream location first. When you prioritize location, you won’t be stuck compromising on your favorite neighborhood, so you can find a home with the four bedrooms or the open floor plan that your family needs.

2. Make it Your Own

In a BOYL home, you can add the options and finishes that complement your lifestyle today and your future tomorrow. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to choose a model that has all your “must haves.” You won’t have to endure an expensive and unpredictable renovation after searching for homes for months, just to get what you really want. Instead of living with someone else’s tastes, you can make your home your own with Build on Your Lot.

3. Modern Designs

If you’re currently looking at existing homes, you’re probably tired of seeing homes with boxy floor plans and low popcorn ceilings. Luckily, BOYL homes have modern floor plans designed for how you live. Instead of seeing dollar signs for each DIY project that a home needs, when you walk through a BOYL home, you’ll see gorgeous designs and bright, welcoming spaces. After you move in, you can spend your weekends playing with your kids in the backyard and entertaining friends and family, instead of tearing out shag carpet and floral wallpaper.

The design process at K. Hovnanian® allows buyers to work with the Design Studio so their preferences and tastes are included in their home. Choosing every option on your own can be very stressful, so being able to choose from the Design Studio’s options will simplify the building process. Instead of worrying about whether the kitchen cabinets you chose will match the backsplash and lighting fixtures, you’ll get to choose from layout options that are hand-selected by top designers.

4. Quick Building Process

Some buyers worry that building a home will take a long time, but the process often takes less time than buyers expect— it can even take less time than buying an existing home. The timeline varies by builder, but K. Hovnanian®’s average construction time for Build on Your Lot is only 135 days. Four and a half months is a short time to wait for the years you and your family will spend enjoying your dream home. According to, it takes the average buyer four and a half months to purchase a home, which doesn’t even include any of the renovations or maintenance that is often necessary when you buy an existing home. In many cases, when you choose Build on Your Lot, you’ll be making memories in your new home sooner than you would be if you had bought an existing home.

5. Low-Cost Maintenance

As a homeowner, dealing with a broken air conditioner on a hot day, frozen pipes during the winter or finding mold in the basement is stressful and expensive. Many buyers who purchase existing homes find themselves dealing with the cost of an old roof or faulty plumbing and electrical systems because they’re outdated or weren’t properly maintained by the previous owner. BOYL homes are less expensive to maintain because they’re brand new. With modern plumbing, heating and air conditioning, you’ll have fewer headaches and unexpected out-of-pocket expenses to deal with. Moving is stressful enough — worry less with Build on Your Lot.

6. Energy Efficiency

You’ll love the modern construction and advanced technologies in your BOYL home — and so will your wallet. Because these homes are built with the latest advances in construction materials and building practices, homeowners will have lower monthly utility bills. The newly insulated walls make heating and cooling more efficient. Not only is this better for your wallet, but it helps the planet, too.

With Build on Your Lot, you can build your dream home in the perfect location. To learn more about the benefits of BOYL, contact a K. Hovnanian® design studio. Stop searching and start building your future today.